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Faster Airplane Turnarounds with Computer Vision

Streamline turnaround processes, enhance safety, and boost efficiency through real-time monitoring, analytics, and custom detections

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Computer Vision Deployed in Minutes

Deploy a computer vision solution to your operations in minutes.

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Computer Vision at Enterprise Scale

Whether you are in the cloud, on premises, or at the edge Matroid will grow with you.

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Empower your existing cameras with Computer Vision

No need for new hardware, leverage your existing cameras to gather and react to meaningful data.

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Turn your team into Computer Vision experts

Matroid's software allows anyone on your team to build, test and deploy detectors with no coding knowledge.

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End-to-end Computer Vision Platform

Matroid’s no code software gives users the power to build, deploy, and maintain detectors across a variety of industries.

Detect actions, objects, defects, events and more
Test and compare models for accuracy
Deploy and scale across various environments

Custom Detectors Creation

Annotate and train Computer Vision Detectors

Detectors find the things you care about in visual media. Leverage existing detectors or build your own to monitor live video streams or search through video and image files. Monitor or find exactly what you’re looking for.

Quality Detectors Creation

Improve model accuracy

Test and compare your models to ensure the highest accuracy for the things you want to detect. Improve your model by annotating training data in the studio or giving feedback on live detections.

Detector Deployment

Computer vision where you need it

Deploy your detector to classify images, monitor live video, or search and summarize databases of visual media. Deploy via our API or on premises to integrate seamlessly into your existing environment. Use Matroid’s dashboard to monitor detections in real time, get notifications when they happen and give feedback to improve accuracy.

Detector Maintenance

Keep your operations running smoothly

Maintain and curate your training data in Matroid's platform to ensure your detectors never miss an incident.







Easily identify flaws in incoming parts or manufactured products - even mid-production. Customizable to your specific needs, Matroid will help you reduce costs and increase the quality of your goods.

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A smarter way to identify and prevent security threats. Use our real-time solutions to secure a restricted area, identify and track personnel or vehicle access, perform post-event forensics, and more.

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Safety and Compliance

Keep your staff safe and increase compliance on your work sites. Take advantage of real-time monitoring and alerts for PPE (safety goggles, vests, etc.), access to restricted areas and injuries.

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Improve transportation safety for passengers, personnel and facilities. Manage parking facilities, increase traffic efficiency with flow analysis, and more.

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See what customers are saying about Matroid

Learn how Matroid is helping companies integrate computer vision into their operations.

Matroid’s computer vision platform has allowed our production teams to rapidly deploy highly advanced inspection solutions aiding in Mercedes’ commitment to world class quality.


Quality R&D Manager

Prior to installation of the Matroid computer vision system, SCM struggled to maintain a rate of inflated airbags above 25% within a day. Now the majority of our loading bays stay consistently at 100% inflated.


Environmental Health and Safety Manager

SBD used Matroid’s manufacturing software to successfully automate the inspection of bolt threading quality using state-of-the-art computer vision that leveraged SBD’s existing third-party vision hardware, saving significant expense and man hours.


Director of Ai and Digital Product Development

Matroid’s computer vision platform is key for ADR’s innovation initiatives, the cutting edge deep-learning technology empowers our teams to continuously ensure highly efficient and safe operations across the airport.


Head of Airport Operations Center

With Matroid’s computer vision platform and AI Technology, we have created an industry leading NDT process, offering our customers world class quality assurance that is second to none.”


VP of Quality, Jost International


Heading Number One


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