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Computer Vision from Creation to Deployment

Our end-to-end computer vision platform allows you to detect and classify challenging defects, incidents, actions and events no matter the industry. If you can see it, you can detect it.



Detector creation to deployment

From creation to deployment, Matroid’s software allows you to integrate computer vision into your business. With annotation tools and various deployment modes, you and your team can manage and improve your computer vision solution.


Integrate into your existing systems

Integrate Matroid into your existing tools and cameras. Trigger real-time alerts and feedback for your machines, systems, or operators. Pass data analytics to your new or existing production systems so you can monitor performance.


Deployed in minutes, not months

Our no-code platform, allows your team to become computer vision experts and deploy detectors into your existing infrastructure in minutes, rather than months.


In the cloud, on premises or edge deployments

Deploy in the cloud for quick setup and access, with no hardware required. Leverage on premises deployments so you can keep your data private and secure with no internet required, or keep everything local and deploy on edge devices.





What to Expect


Discovery / Introduction

First, request a demo, then chat with our computer vision experts about the challenges you want to overcome.


Technology Training / Review

A computer vision expert will guide you through Matroid's features, training plan and integration process.


Proof of Concept

Our solutions expert will learn more about your use case and specific needs to develop a solution to improve your operations. We collaborate with your team to get you production ready.


Matroid in Production

Work with our solutions team to get Matroid integrated into your operations. We ensure your detector is up and running in the environment you prefer.


Deployment where you need it

In the cloud, on premises or at the edge, Matroid deploys wherever you need it.


Use any Device

Analyze images, videos and live streams to capture useful data from existing cameras, smart devices, drones and more.



No need for engineers, anyone in your organization can deploy Matroid.



Easily identify flaws in incoming parts or manufactured products - even mid-production. Customizable to your specific needs, Matroid will help you reduce costs and increase the quality of your goods.

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A smarter way to identify and prevent security threats. Use our real-time solutions to secure a restricted area, identify and track personnel or vehicle access, perform post-event forensics, and more.

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Safety and Compliance

Keep your staff safe and increase compliance on your work sites. Take advantage of real-time monitoring and alerts for PPE (safety goggles, vests, etc.), access to restricted areas and injuries.

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Improve transportation safety for passengers, personnel and facilities. Manage parking facilities, increase traffic efficiency with flow analysis, and more.

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With Matroid’s computer vision platform and AI Technology, we have created an industry leading NDT process, offering our customers world class quality assurance that is second to none.



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