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Computer vision is transforming aerospace by increasing safety, efficiency, and innovation. It automates inspections, detects hazards, and streamlines production.

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Increased Precision

Accurately detect and classify specific types of defects providing more granular production traceability.

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Enhanced Efficiency

Automate many aspects of aerospace operations, augment human labor, and streamline processes.

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Improved Safety

Validate products are assembled in proper sequences to prevent failures and recalls. Monitor teams and production zones to keep people and areas safer at all times.

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Better Data Analysis

Providing valuable analytics on defects, assembly sequences, cycle times, and more for lean and continuous improvement.

Visual inspection software for aerospace

Revolutionize your business by enhancing safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness
Defect Detection

It's no longer good enough to check pass/fail. Industry 4.0 demands detailed analytics on precisely what is bad about the object. Detect, localize, and classify defects while capturing deeper analytics on the occurrences.

Assembly Verification

Verify assembly sequences are accurate while ensuring all assemblies are not missing components.

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Cycle Time Monitoring

A state of the art lean thinking continuous improvement tool for line balancing, process optimization, and higher throughput.

Safety & Compliance

Verify PPE is used properly at the right place at the right time.  Ensure operations are within compliance.

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Production Traceability
Associate detailed images and even video to serialized assets verifying components or assemblies are within compliance.

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