Computer Vision for Everyone
Detect anything
With Matroid's easy to use studio, you can create computer vision detectors that recognize the people, events, and objects you're interested in. Improve your detectors with a tight feedback loop.
Monitor TV streams in real time
Get up to the minute alerts about people, events, or logos appearing on TV channels. Choose from a wide variety of channels or add your own.
Give security cameras super powers
Receive notifications about custom events on your security cameras. Matroid is compatible with thousands of IP cameras.
Search visual media
Matroid makes it easy to visually search through video and images. Comb through hours of archived footage with the click of a button.
Stream analytics
Identify trends and patterns on video streams with Matroid's powerful analytics engine.
Make your app more intelligent
Unleash the power of computer vision in your product with Matroid's easy to use developer API.
Learn more
Take a tour of the Matroid product and the technology it's built on with CEO Reza Zadeh.
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