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Quality Control Problems Solved with Matroid


Chase Hart | September 26th, 2021


Use Matroid’s computer vision software in conjunction with existing systems to pick up defects in production processes. With Matroid, companies can see stages of assembly and defects more efficiently and reliably than the human eye. Combined with Matroid’s on-cloud deployment feature, errors are instantly flagged, followed by an automated and coordinated response to a PLC.

Car manufacturing

Problem: Defects in Manufacturing Processes

Many production processes have defects that are difficult or impossible to see with the human eye. These defects can vary from scratches or pitting on miniature ball bearings inside ball screws, or microscopic indents on the surface of an object. So what can a company do to detect these defects if there is no way that a human eye can see them? Most companies deploy a variation of machine vision in order to attempt to find and catalog defects within their manufacturing processes, however, many times these Machine Vision systems still rely on human interaction and monitoring.

Solution: Use Matroid to build a custom visual inspection system for any manufacturing process

Proprietary manufacturing quality control systems are designed for specific use cases and are highly constrained to pre-determined deployment scenarios. Matroid, when paired with most cameras or machine vision systems, will provide the flexibility to build computer vision models that are specific to the defects that you want to monitor in your manufacturing process. Simply install cameras at the points in the manufacturing process that you want to monitor, and use Matroid’s Studio (no programming required) to create detectors for defect identification. Detectors can be built for incoming parts inspection, finished goods verification, and to identify defects at any point in the manufacturing process. Matroid can be deployed either in the cloud or on-premise to support low latency use cases and provide the highest level of security for your operations. A single server can monitor dozens of cameras and send notifications when specific defects or other anomalies occur. Notifications can be sent to workers on the line, or using the Matroid API can be integrated directly with any system or PLC. Matroid provides an end-to-end solution that makes it easy to leverage leading-edge artificial intelligence to improve Detectors in real-time, further reducing costs associated with defects and product losses.

Manufacturing use cases that are made possible with Matroid:

  • Develop a visual “gold standard” for any manufactured item (parts, vehicles, materials) and receive notifications or machine to machine alerts when the “gold standard” is not met.
  • Identify specific types of defects in real time and take different actions based on the type of defect that is detected.
  • Detects visual flaws at every stage of a manufacturing process to save on parts costs and lower reject rates.
  • Issue kill commands to a PLC to stop a defective part from continuing on a manufacturing line.
  • Identify flaws in finished goods including automobiles, appliances, components, and machinery.

Building detectors for Quality Control is one of many examples of Matroid helping to automate visual inspection in manufacturing, improving operational productivity, whilst minimizing costs. To learn more about how Matroid could help you, get in touch with us today.

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