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Reza Zadeh Interviews Chris Hadfield About AI and Space


Chase Hart | September 26th, 2021


Matroid’s Founder and CEO Reza Zadeh speaks with Chris Hadfield. This interview covers space, the AI powered future of space, software in space, and Chris’s new book, The Apollo Murders.

The Apollo Murders cover

In the interview, Chris opens up about how life in space is, and how dangerous it can be. He talks about what space will look like in the coming years and what advancements need to be made in order to achieve the goals set in front of our species by the private space sector. Other topics include surprisingly true facts about space during the cold war, such as stealing Russian satellites and crashing space stations.

The International Space Station

Three astronauts

If space exploration, future technology, and rapidly advancing AI software is interesting to you, get on over to Matroid’s youtube channel and, like, subscribe, and watch the Chris Hadfield Interview!

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