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Safety & Compliance in the Workplace


Chase Hart | September 29th, 2021


Problem: Safety Hazards in the Workplace

Every workplace has its safety hazards. Whether it be a warehouse, factory, manufacturing plant, or even a retail store; worker safety is a big issue that can drastically affect the efficiency of any given business. Keeping employees safe is a critical and essential part of any business operations.

Safety worker falling

Solution: Matroid

To tackle workplace safety, Matroid has built a variety of safety detectors. These detectors can be used as a baseline for understanding what is possible within Matroids Computer Vision Solution.

Automated inspection can be performed with a Matroid detector, an “automated pair of eyes” that leverages state-of-the-art computer vision to find objects of interest in and around any given workplace. Another way of saying this is Matroid offers software that can be installed across existing hardware (cameras) in any industry to detect safety hazards wherever they may be. This would greatly reduce the risk of injury to all employees.

Safety related classifications

Using Matroid’s Studio, you can train detectors with practically any visual media dataset. For example, we built a dataset for construction hard hats. After the dataset was built, we then trained the detector with the press of a button. Within minutes, we had a detector that could identify whether or not a worker was wearing his hard hat. With less than an hour of work, we had a hard hat detector that would have otherwise taken weeks or months to train from scratch.

We have also built detectors for Goggles, Masks, Slip and Fall accidents, Safety Vests, Work Boots, and more. To check out these detectors and the plethora of other safety related detectors Matroid has built, contact [email protected] today!

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