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What is Computer Vision?


Alex Johnson | October 6th, 2022


Computer Vision is a scientific field that allows computers to gain a high-level of understanding from digital images, videos, and live streams. This is done with the ultimate result of enabling computers and machines to understand and react to real world visual data similarly to how a human would.

From a manufacturing perspective, computer vision can examine every procedure in the production process, detecting the assembly of different items, locating defective parts, and identifying yield.

In terms of security, Matroids’s computer vision software can monitor thousands of live streams for suspicious actions, unusual objects, or unwanted activities. 

As we begin to think about other applications for computer vision, the possibilities are endless. Computers can be taught through computer vision software (and Matroid) to detect anything from wildfires to defects on printed circuit boards to hand washing procedures. PPE, agricultural inspections, structural integrity, and crowd safety are just a few more topics that computer vision can tackle. To learn more about computer vision please visit!

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